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A Few Myths Women over 50 Should Know About Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

We hit the golden age of 50 and we start wondering if we should try the expensive anti-aging creams, vials, and tiny bottles, new advertisements on social media or retail cosmetic outlets.
There is one fact we have to take into consideration and that is our genetic make-up and how we all age differently. There is nothing that is really approved that will stop the aging process except maybe the human growth hormone and that comes with a heavy price. This is a costly hormone that is a prescription from a doctor.There are natural and simple everyday remedies we can use to help our skin look fantastic, without buying the products. Let’s discuss some of the anti-aging myths that as women over 50 we often come across.

  1. The fact is that you should see your doctor or dermatologist to ask for the correct information to improve your skin. Chances are if you have a skin condition, he or she will prescribe the right medication for your skin so you can control any skin problems that you might have.
  2. Just remember you can’t buy any facelift in a bottle, in fact many contain glycolic acid that cause your skin to burn, peel and scar. This definitely is uncomfortable. The only products that are true are the ones approved by the FDA.
  3. Don’t waste your time with these infomercials on new anti-aging ingredients, because you might have an allergic reaction to these ingredients, and the science involved guaranteeing the product, doesn’t guarantee you from losing your time and effort on these products.
  4. Expense doesn’t matter, you can find a $3.00 face cream that says anti-aging results and a similar product for $100.00 and chances are they contain the same ingredients. In regards to anti-oxidants, we can find those in vitamins and natural foods, so it doesn’t pay to buy jars of anti-aging skin cream with antioxidants.
  5. Cosmetic products aren’t going to reverse the signs of aging, you will have to see a professional who will study your skin-type and decide if you need to resurface, relaxing reduces the signs of stress that cause aging, there are procedures like Botox to refill the areas with a chemical, but that procedure needs to be done every few months.
  6. Remember the saying “You are what you eat”. Therefore drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin, use a good cleanser for your skin according to your skin type. Stay away from smoking and alcohol because this affects your skin as well. Eat healthy, try to stick to whole grains, vegetables and plenty of fruits and you will notice a change in your skin.
  7. Exercise regularly because you can increase the human growth hormone by 450% naturally with regular exercising.
  8. In addition, use a product with a spf ingredient to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

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