chapter b after fifty

His Children Your Children…

Many of us “the elders” think that when you’re over fifty, it is easier to forge a new relationship. The children grew up and most of them have already left home and basically nothing interferes with the new relationship that you found and all you have to do is to nurture and enjoy your significant […]

senior dating tips

If you build it he will come (or bad hair moods)

After many days of bad hair, just when I had accepted that bad hair day is my existential state of mind and I need to learn how to accept it, then, boom! It just happened. Needless to say, all the girls here understand the metaphor. Sometimes the moment just comes when you get tired of dating, trying so […]

chapter b after fifty

Chapter B – To Be or not to Be

For some of us this is Chapter B. For others it’s even chapter C or D. But we don’t give up because we all need the love and caring that comes with relationships. Unfortunately, the older we get, the harder it is to find a relationship. It’s hard to find a “twin soul” a significant […]

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