pear shaped body clothes

How to dress a pear shaped body figure

Pear shaped body is one of the most common physiques in the world. Who says you can’t gold-sandalslook amazing with such a body shape? All you have to do is know which dress will complement your body type. Here are a few guidelines to follow so you can flaunt those beach dress for pear shaped bodycurves in your body! Remember to click the image if you want to buy it (or similar) in Amazon.

  • Try finding your perfect fit. With a pear shaped physique, you can never look so appealing with loose fits and irregular-fit dresses. You need to find the dress which fits your shoulders and torso. If you put on loosely fitted dresses, your shoulders will look broader and the body will look shapeless.
  • Find the patterned tops. It is always better for you to wear patterned tops which fit your body. Instead of going for plain tops, you need to find the printed and patterned ones which will complement the bust and shoulders. Besides, printed or pattern shirts are always trendy and would give you that ultimate fashion diva look that you long for!
  • Finding your neck-line. Not every neck-line complements the pear shaped physique. You will notice how the boat-neck will or scoop-neck will make your physique look wider than it already is. You need to check out some other neck-lines such as the turtle neck and the sweetheart neckline. These will make your body look in perfect shape, without drawing attention to wide shoulders.
  • Layer your clothes to complement the physique. You can always sport a sleeveless jacket or jumper over your average button-down shirt with skinny jeans. The skinny jeans will complement your legs and make them look longer. The extra layer on top of your shirt will make your shoulders look sleek and narrow. Not only will you be adding style to your attire but also hiding the broad shape of the body.
  • Find the embellished tops. You need to make sure you wear embellished tops instead of plain ones. These tops will emphasize on the bust and draw attention away from the wide shoulders and waist. Embellished tops will also make your body look hotter and leaner.

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