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Fashion for women over 50 – Casual Outfit

Last Friday I went with 2 childhood friends to Antiques Market. You can read all about it below. For this charming trip I dressed in a casual style, comfortable yet flattering.  I tried to find for you on Amazon similar items of this outfit in resonable prices. I also had in mind different body shapes and I hope that I did good. So if you want similar outfit for yourself just click any item and it will take you there.  What do you think? Is it a good style for women over 50? Leave me a comment below I always answer!

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My favorite day of the week is Friday. Friday is a market day and when I say “market”  I am not referring  [to] fruits, vegetables and anything resembling cooking, but to the flea market . Every city I visited in the world, whether it was a business trip or just a visit , I always included a visit to the flea market in the nearby town.

A few years ago, when I was still busy with children who lived at home , weekends revolved mainly around the cooking , cleaning and preparing the house for our weekly family meetings where everyone fought with everyone. Those where the good days..

Now that the nest is empty ( Thank God ), I am a master of my own time and I can enjoy spontaneous decisions like driving early in Friday morning to a tiny sweet flea market in Haifa and tell myself  “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” from the classic Dr. Seuss, which I recommend to every man or woman in a crossroad of their life.

So as Dr. Seuss had promised I will probably end up in a wonderful place, so we hit the road, three 50 something women, hungry for adventure, leaving behind the thin boutiques and malls air, into the wild prairie AKA the flea market in the old city of Haifa.

The trip was lovely , we all found some beautiful fashion for women over 50 including this Checkers sweater and we enjoyed the wonderful weather. So except for choking a few yawns of boredom when my friends were talking about their grandchildren, everything was very successful, specially when I talked about my own precious grandchild.

I found all sorts of bargains for a dollar to a dollar and a half and because I was in a great mood also agreed to go eat at a Romanian restaurant  my friend remembered from her childhood .

While a long queue in an entrance to a restaurant in Tel Aviv, which indicates that it’s a trendy restaurant, in Haifa it means “eat here because there isn’t any other choice .” We ate  heavy compressed hamburgers and some salads drowned in garlic paste and in these moments I thanked God I’m single again and no one around me would have to suffer from the garlic breath…

Of course this meal had cut all other plans and we hit the road back home stuffed like turkeys but very happy…


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