Fashion for apple-shaped body

How to dress an apple-shaped body type

Before adhering to any tips regarding apple-shaped body types and their dressing, you must confirm that you do indeed have this specific body type. Some people often mistake an apple-shaped body to be a pear-shaped body. The difference is that a pear-shaped body is heavier in the upper thighs and just below the waist, whereas […]

fashion for women over 50

What to wear when Your body type is: Hourglass

You are so lucky to have the perfect body shape! You have a perfect balance between your bust and hips and you have a well defined waist. Your shoulders are gently rounded and align beautifully with your hips. Your upper and lower body is proportionate in length. In short, you are what we always strived […]

fashion over 50

Fashion for women over 50 who suffer from hot flashes

When thinking on fashion for women over 50, there are some basic facts of life which simply can’t be ignored… In this post I just had to refer to the combination of boiling summer days and the hot flashes  from which we suffer and another sad fact which is my bulging belly that I desparately […]

getting a mortgage after divorce

The next step – getting a mortgage after divorce

You should know that getting a mortgage after divorce is not impossible! Tips for Acquiring Mortgage Finance During, After and Before Divorce It’s tough to deal with a broken marriage. However, the financial repercussions and implications of divorce are much more difficult to handle. So, if your sweet relationship has come to a sour end […]

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