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Sewing Classes – The best hobby in the world!

I caught the sewing bug when I was pregnant with my oldest son, about 34 years ago. Before that I didn’t have anything to do with sewing or any related field of handicrafts or crafts . I think sewing was part of the natural nesting period that every woman experiences in the last months of pregnancy.

At a time, all the maternity clothes look like tents. I was working as a flight attendant for the Israeli airline El Al, and despite the uniforms were designed by leading Israeli designers – The maternity outfit  looked like a tent and beneath two pegs – my legs.

The shortage of young , cute and even sexy ( because I felt super feminine in all my pregnancies ) maternity dresses brought me to the regional community center to look for sewing classes. I also dragged my poor mother there and in dark nights under the neon light , I started my love affair with sewing .


My love for sewing has only intensified over the years, so after about 8 years I found myself in a sewing course for Haute couture – creation of exclusive custom-fitted clothing which was held in a small room in one of the narrow alleys of Jerusalem. In the mornings I studied for my masters degree at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and immediately after the exhausting  theoretical lessons I ran to the sewing class.

I was sewing every moment when I could and all my friends and neighbors caught the bug too. We organized every Wednesday early morning a trip to the fabric market where we found real bargains for cents. We sewed amazing clothes for children, ourselves and our terrified husbands.

My whole family enjoyed my sewing desires. I sewed clothing for the older women of the family, for the thin, for the fat and for all the children of my family and friends. I sewed even a wedding dress for my little sister and I enjoyed every minute.

Then I separated from my husband and all that suddenly stopped. I could not understand why, along with separation, disappeared in one day also my love for sewing. Today, at fifty something,  I call this “The age of wisdom “, I see my personal recourses as a cake. All those resources, all of my abilities – all were recruited for survival and for the benefit of my children. Nothing was left to my beloved sewing machine. Since then, for 20 years, I have not touched it.

A few months ago my fingers started tickling again …  all of a sudden. Perhaps because of the birth of my first grandchild … I suppose that if one of my readers is a she shakes her head in understanding.

However, I really have no desire to go out in the evenings to sewing courses. I much rather stay at home and cuddle with my hubby on the sofa. This is why  I was so happy to discover craftsy , a site dedicated to wide range of crafts and sewing courses from the best instructors all over the world.

What fun ! ! ! I go through the various courses and really do not know what to choose. I think I will try the haut couture class and maybe it’ll come back to me … The truth is that in our  age is actually something we need . Beautiful well fitted clothes which compliment us , and hide the flaws …

Keep your fingers crossed and whish me luck!

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