summer fashion for women over 50

Summer 2018 fashion for women over 50

Summer fashion for women over fifty

Well, it’s summer again, we’re a year older and it’s time to check our bodies and decide what is suitable, yet sexy for our age. This set has all the advantages for women over fifty who wants to look updated and sexy while hiding all the disadvantages:
The dress is beautiful and young, the garment flaws over the body without being too tight. It is airy, natural and breathing.

The sleeves are modern and have a perfect half-quarters of length that hides your arms if you do not feel comfortable exposing them. The dress has a special print and is suitable for all seasons (it is possible to throw a denim jacket on it). .

Don’t hesitate to take it a step further and add orange touch that will lighten up your looks even more.
Add appropriate accessories and shoes.

For example, these young and bold hand made orange earrings match the orange colors of the dress and will brighten up your face.

“Summer special”, “Free shipping worldwide” and “up to 70% off” are just the words I love to hear..I just discovered Dressily website few days ago and already ordered few items. . It has summer fashion for women over 50everything to every body shape and size.
Check out their adorable Swimsuits. I ordered the one in the picture. – Dressily link
Here are some links for the accessories: – Green earrings – white straw hat – Straw bag – White sandals – Beach skirt (white)

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