Get your ex back

How to get your Ex back

I’m sure our children and grandchildren do not even imagine what emotions we experience at our older age. They find it difficult to understand that the intensity does not change, we want to really fall in love and find a partner for the last part of our lives and we are ready to do everything […]

Senior Dating Tips

Senior Dating – 10 Tips to Help you Get Started

There is a lot of dilemma associated with senior dating. On one hand we have the ‘society’ telling love, romance and dating is only for a certain age group and post a certain age, all opportunities of love, dating and romance have gone. On the other hand, there is some strong feeling deep inside you, […]

free for seniors

Free for seniors – You’d be surprised..

You’d be surprised for all the “free for senior” stuff that you can get! I recently came across this eBook and I thought that it might help you out – if your are over 55. Even if you’re not but have someone you care about like a parent, you should get to know all the […]