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The Venus Factor – Amazing weight loss tips

I’ve always been thin. Yes thin, Too thin.

I was a very thin child. So thin, that every week my mother dragged me to the local clinic to get vitamin injections… I hated it.

When I was six I looked like a 4 year old, when I was 16 I looked like 14 years old.

But when I reached the age of 18 … Oh my God , something happened and I became a round ball and swelled every year, getting larger and larger like a snowball . I guess that hormones were involved in the story , or maybe French Toasts which I suddenly discovered and became my favorite food in the world. Any way, I was constantly looking for new weight loss tips and I think that I also tried them all…

Anyway, my waist disappeared and instead appeared tires, my face turned into a full moon and my belly appeared in the door long before I did …

I tried every diet out there and every weight loss tips out there. I remember specially the “Rabin diet”. I had to eat one food every day, such as cottage cheese or apple, or boiled eggs. I had to eat six units of the same food and I can’t even try to describe how disgusting it is to eat 6 hard boiled eggs and nothing else.

Oh yes , I lost weight but I was constantly hungry and needless to say a week later I stumble to the kitchen with a longing for the French Toast and I doubled the quantities …

Over the years I have learned to eat right , exercise and keep metabolism (I will tell you more about it in a separate post ) and primarily figured that like all areas, also in diet and weigh loss, men and women are different.

So I was so happy to see this program “The Venus Factor” designed just for women . This process aims to increase metabolic process and lead to a controlled decline in your body weight and most importantly – keep the results! Learn More!
As much as I think that this is a good weight loss program, specially because it designed for women only, It is important to emphasize that everyone responds differently to different diets so it is important that the expectations will be realistic.

Disclaimer: All information and results stated in this post are for information purposes only. The information is not specific medical advice for any individual. The content of this post should not substitute medical advice from a health professional. If you have a health problem, speak to your doctor or a health professional immediately about your condition.

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